Minutes 3/18/20

Current Menlo Co-Presidents Sophie Reynolds, Victoria Wat, and Ethan Yan; Nuntius Editor Peridot Park; future CAJCL Co-Convention Presidents Sonia Agarwal and Ahna Kim; and Mrs. Vasquez conferenced via Google Meet. We are trying to figure out how we can stay engaged with the Redwood City family house given the shelter-in-place orders; Mrs. Vasquez asked if we could at least try… Read more →

Minutes 3/10/20

Menlo will not let us travel to LA for state convention. We are still considering Carcer. Victoria will cancel hotel bookings and Sonia will email the Redwood City family house to cancel the Easter party. Maybe we will make an Easter basket for each family. Or we could make wreaths for their doors. Sonia will ask the family house how… Read more →

Minutes 3/2/20

Ahna and Sonia are going to be convention presidents next year. We discussed Jacob’s room at states. Four people paid for a (now) five person room, so Magis now has an extra 100 dollars. We are not going to buy Disneyland tickets until we arrive. Sonia is making stickers for promotion. Magis proposed we put the stickers on lollipops. We… Read more →

Minutes 2/25/20

We need to get cover sheets from Lindsey, Sonia and Jacob. Historians could possibly send out a survey like they did last year to get to know the officers. This could be used on the website with pictures of the officers. Peridot needs to email PDFs of all the Loricas to Ahna, Sophie, and Elizabeth so we can put it… Read more →

Minutes 2/11/20

Several people turned in their forms and money for state convention. The forms are due by the end of the day tomorrow, February 12, 2020. We had our JCL party for the middle schoolers on Friday June 7th. They really enjoyed the waffles. Next year we need to send people to help guide them to A222. Peridot is going to… Read more →

Minutes 2/4/20

Sonia and Claire are going to the Middle School Party on Friday, February 7th. We need 4-5 people to go. Magis will ask Freshmen and Sophomores to go. Sonia will post more frequently on Instagram. Ethan gave Sophie suggestions for the website. We should add more photos of conventions (Nationals) and change the front picture. Nuntius deadline is this Friday… Read more →

Minutes 1/28/20

Ahna will design an invitation for Middle School Party on February 7th. We will make waffles for the party; Magis will draft up a list of people to bring. We will introduce them to Certamen and/or make jewelry. We decided to just run Certamen. Sonia will give a spiel about convention. March 19th or March 24th for Shelter Party. Could… Read more →