Minutes 1/21/20

Middle School party on February 7th. We will do fun certamen such as Latin translations of songs, TV Shows, movies, and sports teams. Sonia will meet with Magis to plan. Sonia is still waiting to hear back on the shelter party. Today we are going to vote on the bylaws. Madeline Rae Levin moves to incorporate the new bylaws. A… Read more →

Minutes 1/14/20

We need to pick a theme for the shelter party. Sonia proposed Valentine’s Day and Spring Party around March 19th. People like Spring Party idea or Roman celebrations. We discussed middle school party ideas; we could make greeting cards or certamen (which would be indoors, rather than the usual outdoor scavenger hunt). Maybe advertise with hot chocolate or waffles. We… Read more →

Minutes 1/7/20

We have reserved 20 rooms at the hotel for State Convention on ​Friday, April 17 – Saturday, April 18. People who want to go to Disneyland will leave later on Sunday; those who don’t want to go will leave Sunday morning. Flights out of Santa Ana airport. Mr. Morris is leaving early. We need to find out the price of… Read more →

Minutes 12/10/19

Sonia, Victoria, Claire, and Cami will take photos at the Christmas party tonight 12/10. We are having a Saturnalia party on Thursday 12/12. We will give 16 Saturnalia bags to the middle schoolers. We decorated the Christmas tree and the classroom for the holidays. Lindsey and Jacob need to work on the scrapbook. Read more →

Minutes 11/26/19

We all signed a card for Downtown Streets team and signed up for waffle sale 12/5. Victoria has to write-up Ludi. Clare and counsels will take lead on playing Saturnalia party 12/10. We need a tree, food, candle exchange. Lindsey and Jacob need to work on scrapbook. Ahna Kim submitted publicity, Lindsey and Jacob need to submit a photo of… Read more →

Minutes 11/19/19

We discussed the finances after Ludi: we will not donate half of the money to scholarships. We will use it for future JCL service events (with Redwood City family house for example). We will donate some, with that amount to be decided after we have our final financial report. We will host a waffle sale on Thursday 10/5. Ethan will… Read more →

Minutes 11/12/19

We wrote thank-you notes for Flik’s Scot Melillo, College Counseling, and Admissions for helping with Ludi. Magis and Victoria need to do their write-ups. Magis announced that Aeqora starts Thursday 11/14. Italy trip will be June 6th – 20th. Sophie proposes a motion to expand to Flickr pro. It is a yearly payment of $50. The motion passes. We want… Read more →

Minutes 10/8/19

Maddie will write club description for yearbook and choose photo Sonia is not here so we cannot decide about social media and choosing photos to post on CAJCL to promo Ludi Food Update for Ludi: Sophie Jacob and Lindsey will contact custom ink about T-shirts Jacob reports about Hades Games which are on their way. He needs to talk to… Read more →