Minutes 10/1/19

Ludi Jacob and Lindsey will order T-shirts in purple with 10 extras  We need someone to supervise Jewelry Making Greeting Cards:  Jewelry Does anyone know how to do this? M&M mosaics: Peridot Hades Games Report: Sonia + Jacob  Sonia bought peach rings Jacob looked into prices for skee ball machine, too expensive and too much power  Going to do cornhole… Read more →

Minutes 9/24/19

Ludi  Hades Games: fill a cup with holes and run back and forth with the cup trying to hold water, something with sisyphus and yoga balls, skeet ball?, peach gummies on a hole like tantalus, pinata  Jacob will look into it and bring info to next week’s meeting Raffle Prizes Discussion about prizes: Cash? Gift cards?  We will give out… Read more →

Minutes 9/17/19

Uploading photos into jcl@menloschool.org Flickr Zoo Trip Debrief: Thank-you’s to Sophie Robin written by Claire  Club Fair: Non-Latin takers can sign up for JCL events and get 4 community service credits Victoria, Maddie, Claire? Get not chocolate candy  Decided not to make Progressive Supper nametags Decided to Change JCL T-shirt Color from blue to purple  Going to host a Halloween… Read more →

Minutes 9/10/19

Zoo Trip Debrief: Saturday September 14th  Sonia and Magis find form that everyone must fill out to attend Flickr account: Elizabeth Woodside will work on it tonight, must be ready for Thursday back to school night  Scrapbook: decided to use the same theme as Nationals, need to go buy paper and print photos, coordinate with Mr. Allard about when to… Read more →

Minutes 9/3/19

Ethan Yan swears in Maddie, Peridot, and Elliot Sonia send reminders to bring supplies for waffle sale, on instagram Flickr account? – Elizabeth Updates on Progressive Supper (September 22) Luke (appetizers), Sophie (main), Claire (dessert) Certamen Questions: decided not to put a link in Lorica to website Italy Trip voting results: February or June Lorica update: Ethan needs to write… Read more →

Minutes 5/14/19

Video contest — part for officers Promo video for Ludi — Ahna will be making it, Aaron is not Officers welcoming Talked about prepping for the scrapbook  Maddie update on NLE and Honor Society Awards — need someone to finish Banquet Reminder: RSVP, reminder of date May 24 for RSVP, May 27 5:30 for dinner, new officers are slaves: Elliot,… Read more →

Minutes 5/7/19

Promo Video: Ahna will create, due May 31 for NJCL Zoo trip update: can get into Oakland Zoo for free! They have Sonia’s contact info & she will work to set that up. 4 tickets per family, 5 dollars. Planning for August 24th  Ethan, Victoria, Sophie will meet on May 8th for lunch Update on NLE & Honor Society Awards:… Read more →

Minutes 4/30/19

Waffle reminders sent out Welcome to new officers Lunches and restrictions 15 lunches, no restrictions  Free periods added to the board Need people to attend Welcome Event on Monday, May 6. Set up 5:00 for 5:30. Toby, Magis, Sophie, maybe Ethan and Sonia Decision about photo collection for next year  For the rest of this year, no change (continuing with… Read more →