Menlo Latin Alums

Akshay Srivatsan ’17 at Sultana

Kedar Shaw ’02 and family

Marjory Marquardt and Nrett Kaplan ’12

Drew Edelman ’13 on break from playing pro basketball in Israel

Elisabeth Engelson ’18

John Guiragossian ’16

P.J ’17 visits

Ellie Young ’17 visits with Natalie and Magis

Carla Roever visits

Drew Wadsworth visits for dance concert

Nicholas Joy Jr. born Feb 25 2019 to Nicholas ’04

Jordan Vasquez ’14 with John Guiragossian ’16 with sister Anna Guiragossian ’19 at dinner

Dani Wang ’18 visits Menlo

Nathan Safran ’16visits Menlo

Jason Moon has a violin concert at Menlo

Remi Tai and Connor Kennedy drop in to say hi and do some Lorica sodoku

Ellie Young visits Menlo

Jeff Frenkel Poppell visits Menlo for Saturnalia

Will Crandall visits Menlo

Chase Richard visits Menlo

Gina Closs ’95 marries and Becca Closs ’05 with her brother Stephen Closs at the wedding: