Minutes 3/2/21

We discussed the spirit and service competition that Evan will brainstorm ideas for. Everyone needs to sign up for convention through the Menlo bookstore. This cover letter has a link to sign up. Saturday is Carcer. It would be great to have some Menlo parents go to learn how to score certamen so they can do it at state convention.… Read more →

Minutes 2/23/21

We continued to assign volunteers for state convention. Board members also started signing up to write the activities. Claire is running for the state board and Magis will write her teacher recommendation. Kayla is considering running for Editor. Lucas and Magis went over next steps for Colloquia speakers for Convention. Ahna worked over break and added all of the events… Read more →

Minutes 2/2/21

Jacob will update the website with information about convention. https://jcl.menloschool.org/convention-2/ Evan will send Magis questions to answer for her Lorica article. Kayla will write up an article on the Lupercalia and edit the Sudokus.  Jacob then took over the meeting and we played Bingo. Read more →

Minutes 1/12/21

We assigned volunteers for state convention. The sheet to do that is here. Sonia and Magis went over the schedule with the state board this weekend. They heard from the people who ran Ludi that the Zoom technology is the most important thing to get right. They decided it’s easiest to do digital certificates. We need someone to design that.… Read more →

Minutes 1/5/21

We are moving from iMessage to GroupMe. Sonia sent a link to our phone numbers so everyone needs to download the app. Kayla wants to do a “happy new year” Lorica. She needs a counsel to write a newsletter. Kayla is going to write a “this month in Roman history” article and she asked Magis to write a column with… Read more →

Minutes 12/15/20

Kayla is working on the Lorica; there will be something on Certamen or pictionary activity. Magis wants to know if someone can design a Saturnalia card (digital) that she can email out. Claire will make the e-card. We are going to do real sport competitions (push-ups, sit-ups etc). We think 1 judge for each 20 kids works. Sonia added everyone… Read more →

Minutes 12/8/20

We will take a club picture next week. Annika gave us an update on the scrapbook; they have a folder with photos but they need to have the book done by state convention. Evan gave an update on pictionary; he learned we will need separate breakout rooms for each 10 people, Latin words need to be separated by comments, and… Read more →

Minutes 11/17/20

The students on campus today will write and sign a thank you card for Miramonte for hosting Ludi. We talked about Ludi and how that will impact our planning for state convention.  Notes for State:  Ahna thinks we should spread out colloquias throughout the day.  We need more than one scorer in each Certamin room  Magis needs to finish the… Read more →