Minutes from 8/26/14

Minutes from 8/26/14


  1. JCL membership costs 30 dollars until after the Progressive Supper on Sept. 21 when the price goes up to $35.  We have officers in every one of Brodie’s classes so it should be easier to encourage membership. Each one is supposed to tell the class that membership includes the annual Menlo, CA, and National dues as well as a t-shirt.  No one can be in the National Latin Honor Society who is not a member of JCL.


  1. Historians are working on a T shirt design which is due next Tuesday. You can contact them if you have ideas. The theme is ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito from Vergil. (Yield not to evils, but rather to more boldly.)


  1. We will have another event with the middle school. Date or activity not decided yet. Riya will contact the MS Latin teacher for her input.  It would run 3:30 to 5:00 some day after school and will probably end with a Build Your Own Sundae table like last year.  We are thinking of a Treasure Hunt since we had a Scavenger Hunt last year. The clues could be in Latin.


  1. We chose Sunday, Sept. 21, from 4:30-8:00 for Progressive Supper. Will Baldwin is hosting the main course. Grace and Kelly are checking with their families about the dessert and appetizer courses.  They will report back on Tuesday.


  1. Riya is contacting the Redwood Family House about the Halloween and Charistmas Party dates. We are hoping to have the Halloween party the week of Halloween, since the holiday itself is on a Friday.


  1. Akshay showed us the website.  It is connected to Menlo, which is normally very slow, but, because he is a part of the genius bar, he has the password and can make changes quickly. He will set up generic emails from all the officers and will post pictures which he will get from the Historians. He will ask various officers to post info for the site.  Magis will write up the awards from the end of the year including a blurb on Nationals.


  1. Grace won 6th place at Nationals for her scrapook, and we won 3rd. place there for our community service projects. We need to work on publicity and the website this year and enter those contests.


  1. We decided to order lunches and meet at 12:15.  There are 3 vegetarians: Akshay, Carla, and Magis.  Magis will order them to begin next week.


  1. We ordered Mountain Mikes pizza for our first meeting.  The two mountain sizes (20 slices each) was more than enough for the group.  We ordered 1 Pike’s Peak with meat and one cheese.  The cheese was more popular.


  1. The meeting adjourned at 12:47.


Respectfully submitted,

Will C.

MJCL Secretary

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