Minutes from 9/23/14

Meeting notes for September 23rd

Magis will get the flowers (20 dollar limit for each family)

Progressive supper will be on a Friday next year

Waffle sale: Usual plan October 3rd

Newsletter: word searches, articles, etc.

Still deciding on name for the newspaper and publishing dates

Deadline extended for Denali’s scrapbook.

You can come in next Tuesday to work on your scrapbook page.

Certamen: There are open spots.

Remember to finish your website bio’s if you haven’t done them yet.

Ludi registration 25 dollars by October 12, 30 dollars after that.

Akshay and Lauren need to finish the Flickr.

Hotel for state convention: March 27th

Open house in MS October 5th

JCl has half a table for the club fair Wednesday.


Walnut Creek Marriot(most likely).

. Somebody needs to represent JCL.

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