Minutes from 10/7/14

Meeting notes for 10/7/14


Get waffle sale in student life email. We need more workers during break. We need to make sure people know that we deliver.

There is a permission slip coming out for a free discussion with Humanities West on Saturday the 25th in October.

Unless there is a big conflict we need the officers to go to Ludi in Sacramento on Saturday 15th in November. There are tests, certamen, workshops, soccer, dodge ball, Quidditch, obstacle course, grape eating contest, Roman speed dating ( I have no idea what the means). This will be an all day event. The forms are due October 29th for 25 dollars and the late date is November 5th for 30 dollars.

Riya has to do the write up for the treasure hunt, and Claire is doing the write up for progressive supper.The newsletter will be the Coat of Arms in Latin, Lorica Nostra.


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