Minutes for February 24th

Minutes for February 24th 2015

Movie night

Won’t be at Carla’s anymore. Connor’s house and Magis’s house are the next two options

Pizza will be ordered and Ice cream and popcorn are being brought.

Mardi Gras recap

Things that went well? Umbrellas, candy,

Things that didn’t go well? Hot glue, maybe more chicken next year.

The pictures are not up yet?

Write up is sent in.

Not sent to nationals yet.


Chariot: Dylan.

Catapult: Will B, Jeff, Will C

Banner: Nikky and Coco as well as any Latin 3 people that want to.




Officer Candidates

Izzy: Nuntius Editor

Grace: Northern rep

Competetive certamen: Latin 1’s #5 in state.

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