Minutes for 5/5/2015

Minutes for May 5th

Waffle sale May 20th , Begin setup next meeting.

Possibly getting Mr. Brodie a turntable as a going away gift.

Magis invited Alums to Banquet.

We still need all of the photos on Flickr.

Arma Carminaque Troia: Tragedy, on saturday May 16th from 1-4 at menlo school. If you are not going to prom you will have time.

Renaissance music for the banquet. Still renaissance theme. There are special outfits.

Brainstorming for Ludi: Sports suchs as dodgeball and ultimate frisbee and indoor chariot racing, gladiators.

Good things from convention: food trucks, hypnotist,

Bad things: Having all of the fun stuff late saturday night when people want to go home.

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