Minutes for 8/15/2015

Minutes 8/25/2015


Officers Present:


Consuls – Grace C. and Ellie Y.

Treasurer – Jason M.

Aedile – Riya M.

Historian – Coco G., Tatum T.

Webmaster – Akshay S.

Publicity – Emily D. & Rachel H.

Editor: Jeff FP

Sports – Nikky P & Claire W.

Secretary – Izzy K.


  1. Officer Photos/group picture

Coco took photos of all the present officers, but she will wait until the entire board of officers is present to do the group photo.


  1. T-shirt design: Historians

Historians will be designing the T-shirt for the coming year. Usually we will order them from Custom Ink, and they need to be delivered before Ludi. Historians will brainstorm ideas for the T-shirt for next meeting.

  1. Membership: treasurer

Membership flyer will be up on the website in a pdf form. Menlo JCL website will now be on all the Latin Haiku pages.


  1. Ludi assignments

Ludi is coming up on October 31st! Jason will be in charge of all the treasurer related affairs. Alyssa C. will be in charge of academic testing. Ellie Y. will be in charge of awards. Jason will also be in charge of open certamen, with the help of some other people. For registration, Akshay, Jason, Amrita, and Alex will be checking people in and making sure everyone has paid. Riya will be in charge of commuunity service, so she will manage cookie decorating as well as pumpkin decorating to donate to Lytton Gardens. In terms of workshops, Izzy will manage 3 or 4 workshops in communication with Stanford professors. Since Ludi is Monster themed, Magis is thinking that two of the workshops will be based on the theme. Claire, Charlie, Mackenzie, John, and Alexander will head the sports competitions. Tatum will manage the lunch food, while someones (TBD)  will be in charge of Harry Potter Trivia. Marcelle will be the head parent volunteer. Hospitality will possibly be managed by Alice. Emily will be making a Snapchat account for Ludi so people can add photos from the day the Snapchat story.



  1. Progressive supper date/time/assignments

Progressive supper will be on September 27th from 5 to 8pm. Dylan said he could host dessert, Mackenzie can host dessert, and Izzy will ask about hosting appetizers.


  1. Ludi video planning


  1. Other announcements:

If anyone’s interested in taking Beginning Greek, it will be offered as an independent study during F block.

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