Minutes 9/22/15

Who’s here: Magis, Grace, Ellie, Emily, Izzy, Coco, Rachel, Tatum, Jason, Jeff, and Akshay

Who’s not here: Nikky, Claire, Dani, Riya


  1. Meeting with everyone who is heading committees for Ludi. Grace is sending out a Google Doc so people can sign up for a date/time that works to meet with Grace, Ellie, and Magis. We want Grace, Ellie, and Magis there so that they all know what is going on, so on the day of if anything goes wrong, we have people who can step in and help. One of the things we need to talk about is the awards that we will be giving out.

  2. As the leaders of Ludi, we will all dress up in unison in something that makes us stand out. Some ideas include matching sweatbands, wristbands or hats. After doing a vote in meeting, we will be ordering 36 purple baseball hats from CustomInk for Menlo JCLers who are heading committees, Magis, and parents helping us at Ludi.


  1. Coco and the other historians are still working on the t-shirt design and hopefully it will be done for Ludi.

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