Minutes 1/12/16

Officers present: Izzy, Emily, Ellie, Grace, Rachel, Jason, Akshay, Dani, Riya, Kelly, and Jeff

Today during meeting we are trying to finalize our travel arrangements to State Convention. We are extending the deadline for registering for State Convention until the 20th of January. For convention, we have people who are making the banner. But, we need someone to get the chariot back in working order. The catapult also needs a bit of updating. Mr. Spence is interested in helping collaborate on those projects.

If anyone is interested in running for state office, look at the California JCL website for more details and talk to Magis.

We need to find a date for our Marti Gras shelter for the shelter. Ideally, we would hold the party before Marti Gras. This also means that we need to have a waffle sale. We are thinking January 21st, and Ellie is going to check with Mr. Lapolla if that date works.

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