Minutes 1/26/16

Officers present: Grace, Ellie, Akshay, Jason, Tatum, Nikky, Izzy, Riya, and Rachel.

Magis wants to encourage kids to handle dramatic interpretation, Latin oratory costume, and English oratory at Convention. School Year Abroad is presenting this Thursday at lunch if anyone is interested in attending. Magis reports that we have booked our flight to Convention and we are still working on making our reservations back home.

During meeting, officers are busy texting people to remind them to bring supplies for the waffle sale tomorrow. We are also making the flyer for the waffle sale to put around campus.

Our Marti Gras party is happening next week on the 3rd of February. Ellie is looking on the website for Oriental Trading for some decorations. We will be ordering Popeye’s but not as much spicy foods. We need someone to get some candy and we need to figure out how to decorate the umbrellas. Magis is going to see what’s available at the Dollar store before Grace goes to Michael’s.

We also need to make the permission slips for the Marti Gras party and Carcer.

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