Minutes 3/15/16

Officers present: Izzy, Emily, Grace, Nikky, Coco, Tatum, Kelly, Akshay, Ellie, Riya, Dani, Jeff

Officers are busy getting ready for convention this weekend! For people going to convention, don’t forget to bring a picture ID. If you are over 18 you will need a government issued ID. But otherwise, a Menlo ID will do. Also, if you don’t have a Menlo JCL tshirt already, please get one and wear it at convention. In terms of the rooming, Magis has all the assignments, so if you are curious, you can ask Magis. Make sure to check out the white booklet on jcl.menloschool.org for what to bring for each activity (ie sports). The weather will be very warm this weekend, so bring a swimsuit if you would like to swim at the hotel and make sure to bring your own toga. You have to wear them all morning on Saturday.

We have signed up for all the sporting events this weekend, and John has taken a picture.

If anyone has any extra time this week, be sure to lend a hand on the scrapbook and/or the banner.

If you haven’t turned in your forms for the nurse, please get them in as soon as possible because the nurse could deny our travel because of late forms.

Make sure to bring art projects to Magis by Thursday after school so that we can take it down using the vans.

During this meeting, we went over the Menlo cheers we will be doing during the spirit segment of convention. Go menlo!

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