Minutes 4/12/16

Officers present: Nikky, Grace, Rachel, Ellie, Akshay

Waffle sale:

We would love to have our final waffle sale of the year in the coming weeks. A possible date is April 22nd which is a day 7 with F, G, Student life, break, A and then lunch. We need to get the forms out this week, make a flyer, and post in the school facebook group.

Seniors are in charge of helping with the banquet which will be on May 30th (Memorial Day), so we need to pick a theme. Magis says that a lot of latin students were in the talent show, and it would be fun to incorporate the Jazz band, the Circus club and more. Magis has decided to have a Circus Maximus theme. Maybe Alyssa can get a dance group. We could also have food eating contests and magic tricks.

If anyone would like to go to Nationals, there are $500 scholarships available.

If anyone is interested in a lecture by a Stanford professor in SF on a Tuesday, let Magis know.

We would be going to the restaurant Mozzarella De Boofa and the professor will be talking about the Amazon.

The freshman welcoming event is a great way to expose freshmen to the latin program. Ellie will be there to show off JCL.

There’s a movie coming out in August that’s a remake of a Ben Hur movie, and Magis thinks it would be fun to all organize an event to go see it together.

We did consul elections during meeting for Carla and Ellie.The remaining officer positions will be next Tuesday.

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