JCL Election Speeches

Bo and Drew’s Speech (for Sports Comissioner):

Salvete Omnes, Si nomen iam nescis, in specu vives, verumtamen nomen mihi est Bo. duo milia passuum ambulavi ut huc veniam fabulamque optimam vobis narrem. Illud tamen est longius quam tempus quod habemus. Itaque modo fabor me natum esse ducem ludorum. Lingua latina in sexta classi inceptis, Ego optimam maximam linguam quintos miros annos didici atque in meo cordi teneo tempus communioni, tantum gaudium lato, redonare esse. posco ut te mihi censatis. Omnibus vobis gratias ago atque vivite Iongus et fortunate. If you don’t know my name by now, you are living in a hole, but my name is Bo. I have walked two thousand miles so that I could come here and tell you a fantastic story. However it is longer than we have time for. So I will just tell you that I was born to be sports commissioner. Since beginning Latin in sixth grade, I have taken the best and greatest language for five marvelous years and I believe it is time to give back to the community that has brought so much joy. Thank you all and live long and prosper.


Will’s Video (Webmaster): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM3DpP-WsJ8

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