4/26/16 Minutes

Freshman welcoming event on saturday: Ellie, Emily(?), Natalie(?)


Waffle sale brought in $434!

Ran out of blueberries, bananas, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate chips

Plates were too thin

No complaints increased price of $5


Officers in Mr. Morris’ class remind him about current events


Ellie and Akshay went to state meeting

Lots of work

Very long -­ almost 4 hours

Got rid of music competitions

To do music competitions, you have to try out but you win money

Year after next, Menlo will possibly host state


Take group picture of officers next week


Poll on whether to go to cafeteria or bring lunch so start meetings at 12:30 or 12:15

12:30: 10

12:15: 1


Going to the zoo with the homeless shelter in September since we can’t do it in June

Go with a few kids, give $20 per child to buy something in gift shop, $20 for lunch, free admission for shelter kids

Using money from waffle sale for zoo trip instead of just giving it to shelter


Find a time to clean up room, still stuff from Ludi

Maybe after AP testing but after school one day


White water rafting or paintball for next year?

Magis says the Romans would have loved paintball!!

Drew and Bo check with Mr. Lapolla to see if we can do paintball


Amazon lecture on May 24?

Go to restaurant and eat pizza and listen to the lecture

School may not let us go right before exams

Take seniors if everyone else isn’t allowed to go


Bringing back newspaper this year

Officers will write something for it about 3x a year


Goal of the club to promote JCL/Latin, give an opportunity to spend time together outside of class and to give back to the community

Next year Miramonte hosting Ludi in mid­November, St. Ignatius hosting state late April More people at nationals maybe next summer?

This year it is in Indiana, next year in Arkansas

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