JCL Minutes 11/1/16

-Starting to have more waffle sales instead of continuing to ask parents to donate for each party
-All JCL board members need latin phrases on email signatures and JCL members who aren’t on the board are encouraged to have one as well
-T-shirts need to be ordered today
-Jason needs to organize the extra money that came in for Ludi
-This year we need to register for states and nationals
-Halloween party photos are on the website
-Cameron needs to start the newsletter and hopefully get it out by next week
-Next Tuesday everyone going to Ludi needs to be in Magis’ room at 11:45
-For Ludi we need to bring canned goods, make sports teams and possibly make chants
-Saturday, November 12th is Ludi – maybe board members go to the play friday night
-Drew and Bo need to work on constitution
-Latin 3s invited to certamen tomorrow at lunch

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