JCL Minutes 1/10/16

-We wrote a thank-you notes to facilities for their help at the Christmas party and to Jannell Walker for the bears
-Christmas party was a success!
-We had enough food, and people especially enjoyed the painting ornaments
-Next time we won’t let the camera leave so early and make sure that everyone who signed up stay for the whole party
-State convention is coming up, we decided we will stay in San Francisco Friday night, so the consuls will book the hotel
-Bo and Drew are organizing props for cheers
-We need to decide how to get people doing different contests
-We also need to work on getting certamen going better
-Waffle sale next Wednesday, January 18th
-Next week during break we are taking our yearbook photo at 12:20
-Mardi Gras party at the shelter possibly on February 28th or sometime that week
-Tatum, Nicole and Naomi are starting to work on the scrapbook
-Next Lorica after carcer
-Ellie and Natalie in charge of the banner
-We need people to volunteer to do the chariot and catapult
-Drew will keep working on constitution possibly with a bylaw about being on time to meetings
-Greece trip is still open

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