JCL Minutes 9/19/17

  • We have a waffle sale for the shelter tomorrow 9/20. We still need more batter and more strawberries. We texted people and told them to bring their materials to the student center as early as possible

  • Sophie and Natalie are leading the middle school ice cream social and scavenger hunt. We need to find the locations and write the clues. We need to have the flyer done by Friday, which Bruce will do. We also need to order the awards. We are going to the middle school classes to promote it on these days:

  • Friday the 22nd at lunch (11:55) (7th grade) — Michael

  • Tuesday the 26th at lunch (11:55) (6th grade) — Michael

  • Thursday the 21st at lunch (11:55) (8th grade) — Michael

The lorica was a success! We had some comments from the CAJCL board when Natalie, Drew, and Magis went down there this weekend.

  • They loved the idea of the escape room. We may outsource this to a company.

  • We are considering Sodexo for the food for the non-banquet nights, but it will be a higher level of Sodexo than what we had during school lunches.

  • For the banquet, we are doing food trucks, but we will have more than last year so that the lines are not so long. They also said that $32,000 for 15 trucks is fine, so we will get a quote for that.

The clubs fair is during lunch on Friday, so we need to get candy that doesn’t melt to give out. We will bring the scrapbook and the awards, and do a publicity event at the fair. We will buy a couple of pods but not many for the espresso machine, because the seniors that used to buy the espresso have graduated. Volleyball coach can help with Volleyball at state convention. Kevin Conner may be able to help — we should check with him about soccer We need to remember to follow the white booklet when planning events, as that is the JCL law. Thanks to Naomi for the t-shirt! It looks awesome. We have had the suggestion of the giving tree as the theme for convention, which we will talk about next meeting.

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