JCL Minutes 1/23/18

  • We filled out the forms to register for convention.

  • Jackson gave us a community service update. We are going to do service for A Million thanks. They send letters and care packages to soldiers that are overseas and veterans. We are going to write letters and send them at convention, and people can drop in to do this. Elizabeth will design cards to send, then people will color them. The snack bar money will go to the fire victims. We will also do coin wars with the state officers that will benefit the scholarship fund.

  • If you want to do it you need to fill out the bubble soccer form

  • Rachel and Elizabeth are going to the middle school on Wednesday to teach them how to make friendship bracelets so that they can help us. We will make this a publicity event.

  • The hype video for convention is almost done and will be done tomorrow.

  • For the escape room, Bruce has found all of the things we need to get on Amazon and will get them soon.

  • We are working on the scrapbook and it is going well.

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