JCL Minutes 5/7/19

  • Promo Video: Ahna will create, due May 31 for NJCL
  • Zoo trip update: can get into Oakland Zoo for free! They have Sonia’s contact info & she will work to set that up. 4 tickets per family, 5 dollars. Planning for August 24th
  • Ethan, Victoria, Sophie will meet on May 8th for lunch
  • Update on NLE & Honor Society Awards: Maddie, Than Healy signature
  • Magis needs to work on items to bring for banquet
  • Thanks to Sophie Scola for another great Lorica issue!!
  • Sonia and Ava will work during May term and over the summer nationals
  • Natalie and Naomi planning banquet
  • Thanks to those who helped with Welcome (Ethan, Sonia, Ahna, Alli, Sophie R, Cami): six people signed up!
  • Sign up for nationals
  • Reminder: 7:30 at stanford, Madeline Miller and Martin Shaw presenting (free)

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