Minutes 10/8/19

  • Maddie will write club description for yearbook and choose photo
  • Sonia is not here so we cannot decide about social media and choosing photos to post on CAJCL to promo Ludi
  • Food Update for Ludi: Sophie
  • Jacob and Lindsey will contact custom ink about T-shirts
  • Jacob reports about Hades Games which are on their way. He needs to talk to Sonia but she is not here.
  • Luke and Magis discuss materials for sports.
    • We need: 
      • 8 whistles 
      • Clipboards for each court (at least 4)
      • Cones for 4 small courts, 16 cones
      • Volleyballs and basketballs
      • 2 whiteboards on wheels 
  • Maddie and Claire are in charge of testing. They will meet Saturday before 1 and Sunday after 2.
  • Lorica Articles: 
    • Sophie will write a state reminders article

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