Minutes 11/19/19

We discussed the finances after Ludi: we will not donate half of the money to scholarships. We will use it for future JCL service events (with Redwood City family house for example). We will donate some, with that amount to be decided after we have our final financial report. We will host a waffle sale on Thursday 10/5. Ethan will email to get information in announcements. Sonia still trying to get in contact about the Christmas party for shelter. We are going to propose 10/12. Aeqora went well on Thursday. Claire, King, Morgan, and Magis went. Send photos to Sophie. We are going to play a Saturnalia party on 12/10. We want a real tree as well. Maybe moving Italy trip on 6/8. We are going to think about updating MJCL Constitution and bylaws. Claire will send a copy of the bylaws to everyone and people can make edits on suggesting mode. Planning for State Convention: There will be one group that goes to Disneyland on Sunday and one group that comes home early (Sunday morning). Magis will send out information about flights.

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