Minutes 2/4/20

Sonia and Claire are going to the Middle School Party on Friday, February 7th. We need 4-5 people to go. Magis will ask Freshmen and Sophomores to go. Sonia will post more frequently on Instagram. Ethan gave Sophie suggestions for the website. We should add more photos of conventions (Nationals) and change the front picture. Nuntius deadline is this Friday (the 7th) at 9pm. On Monday, March 2nd at 5:00 pm there is a program called “Conversations with Homer” at the center of Greek studies. We will decide if people want to go. Sonia, Elliot, and Luke will plan cheers and costumes for state convention. We need to order supplies (including gloves). Ahna will draw a clock with Roman numerals for the hat for state convention.

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