Minutes 2/25/20

We need to get cover sheets from Lindsey, Sonia and Jacob. Historians could possibly send out a survey like they did last year to get to know the officers. This could be used on the website with pictures of the officers. Peridot needs to email PDFs of all the Loricas to Ahna, Sophie, and Elizabeth so we can put it on social media and the website. We discussed the State Convention for next year. Ethan proposed co-hosting the convention with Harker, because they have the number of students but they do not have the facilities. However, it may be too much work for us to co-host (maybe more work than just hosting). We had a discussion about whether we want to host alone. First we will ask if Saint Ignatius can host. Magis will talk to Ms. Altieri. The middle school wants to cheer with the high school at states. There are 16 middle schoolers and 22 high schoolers. They would need to come practice the cheers with us. Ahna thinks it’s time to do the video announcement at assembly. Ahna will have video ready by next week.  Photo of the month is due on the 27th of February. Sonia will submit that. Everyone needs to book flights for states. We will remind Morris about pre-convention competitions that are due on March 9th. We decided to renew Flickr now. Sophie has been emailing schools to come to the state convention. Do we want stickers/bookmarks for the publicity process? Ahna will think about that.  Thank you to Victoria for the Nuntius!

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