Minutes 3/2/20

Ahna and Sonia are going to be convention presidents next year. We discussed Jacob’s room at states. Four people paid for a (now) five person room, so Magis now has an extra 100 dollars. We are not going to buy Disneyland tickets until we arrive. Sonia is making stickers for promotion. Magis proposed we put the stickers on lollipops. We need to write a thank you note to the Flick manager Thien Hoang. The Lorica is out! Thank you to Peridot. It will be distributed to all of the Latin classes. Sophie will post this news of the Menlo JCL Twitter and other social medial platforms. Ethan reminds us that Pre-Convention entries are due this Monday, March 9th. Ethan also proposed starting a project or going on an outing before the end of the year. Book your flights and send them to sophie! Luke is thinking of costumes for cheers; maybe gloves in addition to the clocks. Maybe purple or black gloves? We need to take down the Valentine’s Day decorations in Magis’ room and put up spring themed decorations. People are signing up for classes soon so we need to talk to middle schoolers/high schoolers who don’t like their language. We need to find the date that middle schoolers sign up for classes. Sonia will ask Mrs. Nguyen when we should come speak in her class about high school latin. We need to prepare for the Easter Party on March 24th. Cookies and easter egg hunt? Ethan will get catapult back for state convention. Luke needs to assemble the chariot/make sure its in working condition.

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