Minutes 4/21/20

Magis explained that tutoring sign ups are up for this week and next week. She has a meeting tonight at 5pm with the NJCL contest office. She thinks they will talk about virtual awards in place of in-person convention. 

Claire will send out information on JCL elections today. Everyone will send in their election materials by Saturday, May 2nd. She will then send out a google survey the next Tuesday for people to vote. There will be a limit of 20 dollars for bribes.

Ethan reminded us that the CAJCL election page is up on the website. There is a google form for questions and google document for candidate answers to those questions. For state convention, Magis reminded us that Kayla signed up to look at the bios for each candidate. She will find someone else from her Latin I or II class to help. If she cannot find anyone, Sophie will look at the videos. Ethan proposed that Menlo could post information about Claire’s candidacy on Instagram. 

Peridot thanked everyone who submitted for the Lorica. She will send the final copy to Magis and Sophie to post on the website on Thursday. 

Magis asked if we want to do anything for Rome’s 2773rd birthday. Sophie suggested that everyone do celebratory things at home (bake/run/etc). Menlo JCL will post on instagram. 

Magis asked if we want to have a virtual banquet this spring? Ethan suggested that we wait until summer/graduation and have a physical banquet. Sophie said we could limit the number of people to 50 people (no parents, etc). Magis also suggested that MJCL should send Mr. Morris a card because his mother died. Maddie will send a card signed by JCL. 

We need class photos from 2A and AP. 

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