Minutes 5/5/20

There were no contested office positions for MJCL elections. Old officers will reach out to new officer in their position to explain the positions.  Ahna Kim and Sonia Agarwal are the new consuls. Claire Lenden is first vice president. Evan Kitt is second vice president. Lucas Allard is the Parliamentarian. Anika Porteous and Cate Pittman are the historians. Kayla Davis is the Lorica editor. Jacob Halabe is the webmaster. Maddie Levin is the secretary. Luke Yuen and Elliot Kinder are the sports commissioners. We are still looking for a Treasurer. 

Magis then read through the positions for the Convention next year. We need four people to run awards which are a big commitment on the day of convention. Kayla is interested in leading the awards. Claire will run academic testing. Maddie will organize hotels. We need one head for Agora. Luke and SCL will run athletics. Ahna will send the form to all the new officers for people to sign up for the rest of the positions.

Peridot and Kayla will work together on the last (May) issue for the Lorica. Jacob will write a tribute to Mr. Morris in the Lorica. The April Lorica will be on the website soon for people to look at. 

We might be able to have an in-person banquet in August. Otherwise the Lorica will include NLE awards. 

Kayla wants to do advanced certamen online on May 23rd. She will email Soda to ask if he is interested. 

We do not have an update on Nationals but it likely will not happen. 

Sonia and Ahna need to meet with University High School on Saturday the 9th. 

Sonia will make a MJCL group chat for next year. 

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