Minutes 9/8/20

Sonia has the scavenger hunt which will last no longer than 10 minutes. We discussed the different possibilities for dates for the JCL welcome event, but we will put that decision on hold until we better understand the schedule and club timing. Kayla suggested that we open the event for all JCL families so we can hold it over the weekend. Magis suggested this Saturday, September 12th from 5-5:45pm for this “JCL Family Fun.” Sonia will welcome the new students and their families, introduce the officers, and talk to  them about the JCL program and mention the State Convention. Then we will play the slides with photos from last year as Ahna does running commentary. Kayla will then present the Lorica and the extra credit opportunities there for new kids. Sonia will run the 10 minute scavenger hunt. Then Claire will explain how new students can formally sign up and pay dues through the Menlo bookstore. We will hold off for another week on the bylaws/amendments discussion. Magis will take photos of each class and send them to Jacob. Cate and Annika will brainstorm ideas for the online scrapbook. 

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