Minutes 10/20/20

Ahna and Sonia are going to Mass JCL Classics Day, and they will keep track of the speakers. Magis is going to a talk on Race and Racism in Classics. Ludi payment will be available on the Menlo Bookstore website tomorrow ($10). The Ludi forms are under the “Forms” tab on the Menlo JCL website. 

Jacob will add a list of the current officers to the website with their photos from the Knightbook (first names only). 

Magis put in a request for the Gladiator movie night on November 6, which will be the replacement of the Progressive Supper. Claire will look at the Menlo calender for a better date because people have conflicts on November 6. We are thinking about the first Friday in December (4th) at 5:30pm.  

Luke has a meeting today about the E-Sports for Roma. We might be able to do an E-Sport version of a traditional Convention sport like soccer or basketball and have tournament. 

Evan will reach out to the woman at LifeMoves about the tutoring program.

Kayla will be doing a fall theme for the next Lorica. 

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