Minutes 12/15/20

Kayla is working on the Lorica; there will be something on Certamen or pictionary activity. Magis wants to know if someone can design a Saturnalia card (digital) that she can email out. Claire will make the e-card. We are going to do real sport competitions (push-ups, sit-ups etc). We think 1 judge for each 20 kids works. Sonia added everyone to a GroupMe chat because we have been having problems with our grext. Mr. Klee sent a website to play chess online. You can play 6 games each for free: should we use this for Ludi? Even (activities head) has not yet thought about how we can implement that, but he can work with Mr. Klee to set this up. We will talk to Magis about it. Magis will send open certamen questions to Ms. Jordt. Ms. Jordt will join the convention meeting on Saturday at 3pm. Everyone should donate to the Redwood City Family shelter. 

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