Minutes 1/12/21

We assigned volunteers for state convention. The sheet to do that is here. Sonia and Magis went over the schedule with the state board this weekend. They heard from the people who ran Ludi that the Zoom technology is the most important thing to get right. They decided it’s easiest to do digital certificates. We need someone to design that. We are going to do pictionary next week during our meeting. We will post it on the Instagram to have other people join rather than just the board members. We will do different games in each breakout room. Claire, Evan, and Kayla will make a doc with instructions for how to play instagram. 

Jacob will run bingo in two weeks. We will use Magis’ link for the upcoming meetings and switch for convention. 

Sonia is working on the escape room that we will test in three weeks. 

Everyone remember to send their Lorica articles to Kayla by this Friday, January 15th. 

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