Minutes 3/2/21

We discussed the spirit and service competition that Evan will brainstorm ideas for. Everyone needs to sign up for convention through the Menlo bookstore. This cover letter has a link to sign up. Saturday is Carcer. It would be great to have some Menlo parents go to learn how to score certamen so they can do it at state convention. If anyone’s parents are free, they should let Sonia and Magis know. The historians volunteered to help with impromptu art at convention. They could use playdough to make a mythological figure. We will need to use school accounts to make Zoom calls for convention. Ahna and Magis had the idea to add more fun activities for convention. They thought we could have a theme for baking (eg. Rome’s birthday) and when we reconvene at the end of the day, everyone would show what they made.

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