Minutes 2/23/21

We continued to assign volunteers for state convention. Board members also started signing up to write the activities. Claire is running for the state board and Magis will write her teacher recommendation. Kayla is considering running for Editor. Lucas and Magis went over next steps for Colloquia speakers for Convention. Ahna worked over break and added all of the events to the Sched. We will have three separate Kahoots around 30 questions each. We are considering adding E-Sports to balance out the Latin related events. Magis volunteered Maddie to write the Ancient Culture Kahoot (30 questions, three versions). The Historians will plan Impromptu Art they also need to begin working on the scrapbook because it is due soon. Kayla can do the Mythology Kahoot. Jacob has posted the most recent Lorica to the website. 

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