Minutes for 9/1/2015

Note: Since the seniors were on their retreat, Tatum recorded these minutes. Ellie Y, Tatum, Rachel, Magis, and I were the only ones who could come to meeting.

JCL Minutes for 9/1/15 –

  • Snapchat or Instagram?
  • Separate art and cookie decorating room
    • Especially if it rains because then there will be two rooms for people to get away from the rain
  • Pizza and salad
    • Bring pizza later during lunch for Project Runway participants
    • Mountain Mikes
  • Buy Costco cookies
  • Prizes for games
    • Halloween themed toys
    • Mini candy goodie bags
  • Club Fair
    • Incentives
      • Food
        • Candy
        • Baked goods
  • 21 rooms if raining
    • Mr. Brodie for spelling bee if raining
  • Historians
    • T-shirt
      • Laurel wreath
      • Olive branch
      • Cartoon Caesar (chubby) leaning/stepping on Gaul
      • Cleopatra
      • Trojan War
      • Constellations


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