Minutes September 9, 2015

1. Progressive Supper

We still need someone to host appetizers for our upcoming Progressive Supper!

2. Middle School Party

At the moment the date for the Middle School Party is September 17th. This event is to be determined. Last year we did a Scavenger Hunt, and this year are doing a Scavenger Hunt at Ludi, so maybe we can do something different. We will definitely include the ice cream social again this year. Some ideas for the event include relay races called a “marathon,” three legged races and rename them to “tripod” races, a puzzle hunt, water balloon toss called “catch the cyclop’s eye”, sack races, grape catching, and spinning around a baseball bat called “dionysis.” These games could take play on the middle school quad. The kids could be broken up into teams. Emily and Rachel will be working on a flyer for this event and sending it to the middle school latin teacher.

3. Club Lunches!

Magis will tell the cafeteria to prepare 7 normal lunches and 2 vegetarian lunches every week.

4. New Page for Registration

The registration is now more thorough so everyone is well informed about Ludi. For Open Certamen, students can register starting at 8am. Magis will send it to all the officers to proofread to make sure it makes sense via a Google Doc. This page will be up on the website by tomorrow.

4. T-Shirt/Scrapbook

Historians are thinking about involving a peace sign made of olive branches as the central part of the design of the t-shirt. They also need to coordinate with Coco about who will draw the t-shirt design. Additionally, they need pictures of all the officers who were not at the first meeting. For the scrapbook, Historians need to come up with a theme.

5. How to send pdf’s

Upload all the pdfs about Ludi onto website this week.

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