Minutes 9/15/15

1. Middle School Party

The Middle School Party has been moved to Thursday September 24th. The theme is Olympika. Rachel helped Magis make the flyer. For the event we need to get water balloons, which Ellie will be in charge of. nikky will be in charge of the Tripod races. Pyrrha game will be run by emily, which entails a …. bacchus’ wine race is a competition where the kids drink water (“white wine”) and then spin around 10 times. Rhia will be in charge of that game. We could also add the Donaids game, where each kid is given a cup of water with a hole in the bottom and they have to run and pour the water to fill a bucket. There will be a sign up sheet for the ice cream sundaes.

2. Committees for Ludi

We need someone to work with Magis to organize Certamen. There is a lot of paperwork involved in Open Certamen, so help would be much appreciated. On the day of, this person would help keep score. Also, the Breakfast Committee will now be headed by Rachel.

3. T-Shirt & Scrapbook

The Historians have decided on the color green/olive. For the artwork, they will be asking Kaitlin Yao. From the theme of this year, a possible theme is 60’s/flower child/tie-dye.

4. Ludi

We will be dressing up in Halloween costumes for Ludi!

5. Group Picture

The Group Picture will be postponed to next week when more officers are present at the meeting.

6. Progressive Supper

We are still trying to coordinate who will host the appetizer course. Jeff’s family may be able to host, but as of now it’s a no.

7. Mailing

On the next day 1 tutorial, Magis would love people to come help compile Ludi information to send to all the schools.

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