NJCL 2015 Convention

imageMenlo had a great week at the NJCL Convention at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas this year! Although everyone’s brains were half-fried from sleep deprivation and the daily 90˚F+ heat, we were able to pull home some awards on the state, school, and individual level. California was able to get 3rd place in Advanced Certamen, 9th place in State Publications, and 3rd place in Volleyball; our state t-shirt won 4th place in both Visual and Use of Theme, along with 3rd place overall. Menlo as a school was only able to place for our scrapbook, winning 2nd place. And finally, the individual level. As our school’s only representative, Jeff Frenkel-Popell took quite a few tests, placing in the top ten for three, winning 6th place in Sight Reading, 7th place in Ancient Greek, and 7th place in Classical Art. Overall, it has been a great week for Menlo, and we can’t wait for next year!

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