Minutes for 9/29/15

JCL Meeting: 9/29/14

by Emily

  1. Debrief MS Olympica
    1. improvements
      1. loud voices to get kids attention
      2. needed to meet with volunteers beforehand and go over all the games
  2. Progressive supper
    1. thank you cards for
  3. Waffles (before October 14th)
    1. Monday October 12th
  4. Plans for Halloween Party (Wednesday, October 14th)
    1. Pumpkin patch on woodside road
      1. carve them with the kids
      2. give them snacks
      3. drinks
      4. jump house
      5. dinner → pizza (mountain mike’s)
      6. salad
      7. ask kids to bring dessert
      8. done by 6:30pm
    2. people sign up for costumes
  5. Committee-head meetings
  6. T-shirts
    1. found an artist
    2. started brainstorming
      1. color and style down
      2. need design
    3. before ludi for people who don’t want to wear costumes


Who’s Here: Ellie Y., Rachel H., Emily D, Akshay S., Jeff F.P.

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