Minutes 10/6/15

  1. Akshay – Database

  2. Order 600 name badges for Ludi

  3. Akshay will order these

Jason is working on the deposits for Ludi Historians – T-Shirts

  1. Historians are working hard to get the design done for the T-shirt so that we will have them for Ludi.

Awards – Ellie & Riya

  1. Riya is looking on Oriental Trading’s website to pick out prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for Project Runway.

Reminders for Ludi

  1. Everyone bring in their forms for Ludi and $20 ASAP.

  2. Remind your parents to sign up to bring things for Ludi!

  3. Nikky & Grace will be going to get supplies for Project Runway on Saturday.

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