Knight School Italy Trip Info

Paideia Trip Info: Menlo in Italy 2017

  1. Prescriptions. Remember to bring all prescriptions in their prescription bottles, and make sure you have enough for 12 days (just in case). PACK ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDS and other necessities in your CARRY-ON luggage.
  2. Bank and credit cards!
    1. Call your banks for each card and let them know that you’re traveling in Italy(Rome and the Bay of Naples) from Feb. 11-19.
    2. Write down all credit card/ATM card numbers, and the emergency numbersto call (from outside the U.S.) should you lose a card or have it stolen.
  3. Travel chargers. Important for your phone, your camera, your iPod, computer… whatever you bring. (Make sure they’re dual voltage.)
  4. Plug adaptors. Italian electrical outlets are shaped differently.
  5. Cell phones. Check with your carrier to make sure you have a phone that will workinternationally and an international plan that will work in Italy, and what the costsare.
  6. Frequent flier number: We’re flying on Delta which has lots of partner airlines.
  7. A small, secure purse for carrying your credit cards, ATM cards, and cash:something you can wear close to your body, and underneath a jacket or sweater.
  8. Journal. This is a Knight School trip so a journal is required, I think you will be gladyou have it for notes, sketches, thoughts. I love looking back at mine. We will check that you journal each day, though we will not read the content. I will send a picture and note to your parents each night so they know what we are doing.
  9. OUR CELL PHONE NUMBERS FOR THE TRIP (We will all get a card with Paideia phone numbers a little closer to the departure time):

    Dobbie Vasquez: 650-888-2489
    Tony Lapolla: 650-799-4994
    Albert Vasquez: 650-799-4997

  10. SATURDAY MORNING, February 11: Meet at 6:30 AM, in front of the DELTA AIRLINES counter in TERMINAL 3 of SFO. Sorry for the hour.
  11. Don’t forget your PASSPORT!! and please bring me a copy of your passport photo page if you have not done so already.
  12. Money: I recommend that you get some Euros from your bank before you leave the states. There are ATM machines most places in Italy, but it is good to start with some money in your pocket.
  13. What to pack: I have never been to Italy in February, so this is my best guess.

    General tips: Think wrinkle-free, pieces that you can wear for two days (mix/match) and that you can layer. It’s winter, and it can be chilly!!! (The temperature ranges from 40-57 degrees). Bring a jacket with a hood or an umbrella.

    Baggage via Delta: You are allowed one checked bag and one carry-on (must fit in the overhead compartments and be light enough for you lift over your head), and one laptop bag/purse.

  14. Here are our flights to and from Italy. Anyone getting off in NYC on the way home must let me know. Please send an email to and I will send you the proper release form.
    1. Departing (leave February 11th, arrive February 12th):
      1. DL 2348, SFO 08:55 → ATL 16:35
      2. DL 064, ATL 18:22 → FCO 09:45
    2. Returning (February 19th):
      1. DL 445, FCO 12:30 → JFK 16:30
      2. DL 490, JFK 19:25 → SFO 23:13


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