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Hi All,

Thought you might want to know who are Paideia guides are and what hotels we are staying in in Italy.

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Meredith Francisco has a B.A. in Classics from the University of Iowa, where she wrote her thesis on witchcraft as featured in Horace’s early works. She organized a Latin summer camp at the Pentecrest Museums located on the Iowa campus with the help of Paideia’s Aequora program, and discovered a love of teaching. She is an alumna of the 2015 Living Latin in Rome program.

Mitchell Towne is an alumnus of Paideia’s Living Greek in Greece (2015 and 2016). He received his B.A. in Classics from Williams College with special interest in the influence of Classics on Renaissance art, Greek philosophy, and military history. After the fellowship, his dream is to become a high school teacher. He also enjoys swimming, water polo, and chess.

Can’t wait! It won’t be long now!

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