JCL Minutes 2/7/17

  1. Send Will pictures from semi
  2. Every officer needs to send Tatum their profile picture
  3. Every officer also needs to fill out Tatum’s Scrapbook Profiles GoogleDoc
  4. Everyone also needs to get Convention forms signed and completed soon
  5. Someone needs to update Mr. Morris and Magis’ calendars on the white boards.
  6. Magis is going to ask the middle school Latin teacher to take photos of her classes
  7. Publicity and Ellie/Natalie will meet on Thursday to get started on moving forward with publicity at Menlo
  8. Drew must add something to the constitution to specify which positions are elected and which are appointed, he will also edit the by-laws on the constitution
  9. Drew and Bo must also select and suggest props for state convention
  10. Drew also signed up to create a GoogleDoc for students to enter which competitions they wish to participate in

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