Sunday, February 12

Cumae (Michael)

Fresh off the plane, many of us were tired and slept on the bus ride to Cumae. Throughout the time we all talked about wanting to sleep, take a shower, or eat; but, when we arrived at the entrance to the underworld all thoughts of rest disappeared. The giant hole in the mountain carved by ancient Romans was awe inspiring as we walked in. Eventually, once through the mountain, a long hallway appeared, and our words echoed throughout the cave. After reading a little bit of latin, we began to climb up the stairs to the top. The amazing view of the Bay of Naples caused all of us to pause and take it in, and it was almost a full 10 minutes before we continued to the top, where we read our first complete Latin passage of the trip. Then we began to go to the shrine to Apollo, but we had to abandon that plan since the site was closing. Overall the experience was inspiring and a great way to kick off the trip!

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