Food in Italy

Food and Gelato in Italy (Henry)

Not a day went by without eating great Italian food and gelato. In Naples, our favorite was the pizza. Naples is known for incredible pizza, and it really was delicious. My favorite kind of pizza was Margherita, but really everything was amazing, some of the best pizza in the world.

In Rome, we ate gelato every night after dinner, and the last night we had it twice including a visit to the famour Giolittis near the Pantheon! The gelato is unbelievable and doesn’t even compare to the ice cream we have here in California. We devoured every cup or cone of our favorite flavors such as straciatella, tiramisu, mango, fragola, and countless others. Not only did we have great pizza and gelato, we also had great pasta, salads, meats, and appetizers. Some of the best pastas we had were ravioli, bucatini, spaghetti, tortellini, gnocchi, and rigatoni with favorite sauces called amatriciana, cacio e pepe, carbonara, ragu, and many others.

Breakfast was not as elaborate as lunch or dinner, but it was still pretty good. Typical fare included bread, rolls, salami, cereal and yoghurt, ham, croissants, several kinds of pastries, and hard boiled eggs. We enjoyed so much great food throughout our time in Italy, and the food was definitely one of the highlights of the week!

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