JCL Minutes 2/28/17

-Forms for state convention due tomorrow
-We should know by Friday whether we can host state convention or not
-Next waffle sale is March 8
-On March 11 there is a Paideia conference at Stanford
-We may start Aequora in the fall (the student tutoring learning English through Latin)
-We are trying to find someone to be in charge of the catapult and chariot
-We are also making a mosaic for the classroom
-April 7th is the Easter party with the shelter so next week we will start planning activities, some options are decorating baskets or eggs
-Drew is finishing up the constitution and is making a new document for bylaws
-Drew is also in charge of sign-ups for activities for state convention
-Bo and Drew have found props for state convention including laurel crowns, fake vines and art pallets

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