JCL Minutes 5/9/17

  • 1 more publicity event
  • make flyer half the size?
  • 1 point for each flyer
  • Only worth it if we hand out a ton

Look for a major point component — Morgan and Bruce will 1 more fundraiser

  • Ice cream/smoothies?
  • Smoothies: a lot of stuff, harder, charge would be $5, what do the charge at the snack cart? 3 flavors. Too hard to do
  • Ice cream sundae: would be easier, not before school — maybe just after school and lunch. We would scoop, then the people get the toppings. Charge would be $5. 2 big scoops of ice cream + toppings. Jackson will ask about the date. We need good toppings for people to pay $5.
  • We will do Ice Cream Sundaes for $5. Thursday May 18, at lunch and after school.

Zoo trip in July — is anyone available?

  • On a Saturday
  • Natalie, Michael, Morgan, Rachel, Katelyn, Naomi are around in July
  • Jackson needs to check some dates for July in the zoo. Not the weekend of the 8th bc Magis is not here.

Assembly to announce victories?

  • From state convention
  • Drew will find out when assemblies are and will find out if we can present
  • We will show some pictures

People who went to convention need to add the pictures to the folder

  • Website — download all to print, if that helps
  • Should continue scrapbook through banquet
  • Convention page, Greece trip, State page for the officers, Lorica page, Banquet photos

Lorica Nostra

  • When is it coming out?
  • End of the year one
  • Has she done one or two?
  • Thing at the banquet? — crossword puzzle? Etc. 1 pager
  • Communications app
  • GroupMe (app)
  • Can get it in messages app or in app
  • Everyone should download the app

Next Time: Electra Opera

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