JCL Minutes 5/30/17

  • Survey for parents on raising money

  • Raised $582 yesterday

  • Have $700 for zoo now

  • Need about $200

  • Ask parents if they haven’t donated

  • We should do a survey to ask all parents how we made money

Finish scrapbook – NOT Greece

  • No Greece page

  • Menlo JCL site is down — can’t get photos

Take things to basement Debrief banquet

  • It went pretty well

  • Started too late — need to start earlier

  • Hopefully in student center next year

  • Very disorganized with new building (CADC)

  • Open up Ms. Linford’s room and put food in there — open both doors, go on both sides. In one door and out the other.

  • Sign to tell people where to go

Zoo trip

  • Jackson needs to call the person to get the date

Finish ice cream Possible presentation to the board Count pallets and wands

  • Using pallets at nationals

Matching togas/stolas

  • Possibly for next year

  • Blue and gold — Menlo

  • Need someone to sew it

  • Drew and Natalie’s grandmothers?

  • Need to keep them and use year after year

  • Not totally necessary to do matching

  • Does the work outweigh the cool part?

NLHS Nationals Deadline

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