JCL Minutes 8/29/17

  • Lunches with JCL

  • We will be ordering lunches

Progressive supper 9/24

  • We need a third house to serve the food

  • Drew: Dessert

  • Natalie: Either main course or appetizer

  • Possibly Jackson or Naomi – check with parents

Waffle Sale

  • Possible conflict with cafeteria breakfast

  • Into lunch or up to lunch? — try into lunch for this time to test

  • Not confirmed with date — need to get it approved by Mr. Lapolla

Halloween Party

  • Date is not confirmed with the shelter, but we are hoping for 10/26

Nationals Awards

  • Scrapbook won first place!

  • 15th on publicity — will do a publicity project starting next time

  • Take pictures of the people who won awards for the scrapbook

Scrapbook photos – cheaper paper works better and glues better Send nationals photos to website and to Naomi for scrapbook Middle School scavenger hunt

  • Natalie & Sophie/Bruce? Depending on date

T-shirt design

  • Natalie/Naomi/Katelyn will design

  • One regular and one bright colored for convention — so that people know that they can ask us questions

Take class pictures for Mr Morris’ class & send to Naomi Plan state convention video

  • Michael & Clark & Bruce will make a hype video

  • All the Latin students at Menlo should have a thing in the video with a Menlo flag

  • Need it ASAP

  • 2 versions — first (not as good) and second (hyped)

Escape room

  • Created one at nationals

  • Do we want to do this for states?

  • Tripp did one in the CADC, so we can ask him about it

  • We can also use that one and put Latin stuff in it

  • We will go to one to test as well – Katelyn, Sophie, Bo, Magis, Drew, Natalie

  • Drew will find a place and several times

Hotel – Katelyn & Dani

  • Needs to be done by September 17th

Convention ideas

  • Add video game – smash bros tournament? Clark and Michael will figure it out


  • Story from the zoo – Victoria

  • Morgan is working on a nationals one

  • Pictures from the website

  • Needs to be done by October, but ASAP

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