JCL Minutes 9/5/17

  • Our goal is to have the welcome back Lorica finished by the week of the 11th, so we need to finish the articles.

  • We will put short questions about each officer on the website, which we can also put in the scrapbook.

  • We will start shooting the video this week — we may need to borrow a camera

  • We have three main ideas for publicity

  • 1) Sat Sept 9 is a huge day for sports at Menlo — there is a girls volleyball tournament and a boys water polo tournament. Another weekend is the weekend after, there is a football game. We can make posters for games or sports reminders.

  • 2) The open house is Sept 24, so we can set up a table

  • 3) We should wear Latin gear to school, possibly during spirit week. Another thing we could do is wear the old t-shirts.

Tripp is very excited to help with the escape room. Two possible ideas for themes are the minotaur and the labyrinth, or the Underworld We are trying for a new date for the ice cream social. We are trying to get a waffle sale on 9/20 Approved. Once it is approved, we will send out a packed with signups. The new student life person promised to get us approved by the end of today. Sophie and Victoria are meeting Wednesday at tutorial to work on food. They will look into the possibility of In and out trucks. We need group photos of classes and individual photos of officers. We will have the t-shirt designs by next Tuesday, we are currently brainstorming ideas of friends in mythology. We need to ask parents about hosting progressive supper An idea for convention is possible gladiatorial games.

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